Any Christian woman ages 20-55, who is considering a vocation in religious life is invited to visit the convent (a weekend or a week) at their convenience. One must be single, without responsibilities, personal or financial. This will be followed by a longer visit of a week to ten days. If she then desires, she will enter the convent as a postulant for a period of roughly six months. If the postulant and the Rev. Mother are of one mind, the Novitiate period of two to three years then begins. As novices share in the life of the community, their training is practical as well as theological. At the completion of their novitiate, she will be admitted to renewable vows for three to five years.After this period, she may be elected for life profession. No sister under the age of 25 may take life vows.

Original artwork designed and painted by the first superior Mother Ethelred. 

  c. 1930's